Ganglion Mass Excision

A ganglion mass is a fluid-filled cyst that forms from joints or tendons. Ganglion masses are diagnosed by their shape, feel and location, but a certain diagnosis cannot be determined unless the mass is excised. The cause of a ganglion mass or cyst is unknown.

What to Expect

The excision of a ganglion mass is typically an outpatient procedure. Following administration of anesthesia, an incision is made over the affected area and the ganglion mass is removed. After surgery, the patient will wear a sterile dressing or splint over the area. The exact healing time will depend on the location and size of the mass, and how it was removed.

How to Prepare

Pre procedure use of medication should be discussed with your primary care physician prior to your scheduled procedure date. Patients may be asked to refrain from taking aspirin for a week or more before the procedure, as well as to fast for eight to 10 hours before the surgery. The doctor will advise the patient of any other medications prohibited prior to the surgery.