Ligament Repair

Ligament repair is performed when a ligament is torn or injured. A ligament is a tough but flexible band that connects a joint, two bones or cartilages. If pain cannot be treated with rest, pain relievers or compression and prevents a patient from returning to normal activities, ligament repair surgery may be necessary.

What to Expect

Depending on the severity of the condition, ligament repair surgery may be an outpatient procedure or require a hospital stay. The physician will use a tendon graft from a donor or another part of the body, such as the hamstring or patellar tendon (the tendon that connects the kneecap). This graft will be attached to the torn ligament and surgically secured with screws or staples. The patient will wear a sterile dressing or bandage after surgery. After surgery, it may take several weeks to resume normal activities. Patients will also participate in physical therapy after discharge.

How to Prepare

Pre procedure use of medication should be discussed with your primary care physician prior to your scheduled procedure date. Patients may be asked to refrain from taking aspirin for a week or more before the procedure, as well as to fast for eight to 10 hours before the surgery. The doctor will advise the patient of any medications prohibited prior to the surgery. Make sure that your home is organized safely to avoid injury after the surgery.